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Meet Marcella

Marcella has always known what a "good" Italian food tastes like, but never found a pasta sauce she enjoyed except the ones she and her family made together. So, when stuck at home, away from her normal life at Penn State University, she turned to her family’s culture to cope. Upon realizing her great-grandma’s recipes could finally be perfected after generations of tweaks and experiments, Marcella combined this source of family comfort with a life-long dream that she shared with a grandfather of hers, creating her very own culinary startup. MarRosa’s seeks to share this feeling of warmth and solace of her families’ classic foods while keeping one eye on the future through implementing some of the latest gastronomic innovations.

Since its humble beginnings in Marcella’s Eastern PA kitchen, MarRosa’s has grown into a bona fide national phenomenon. From June to December of last year, the business has sold over 30 thousand cans across 6 different states. Marcella hopes you will join her in continuing her growth by trying some. Then you can see for yourself why its the best jar in town!

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